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Reader, Writer monads

[Update 2010-12-07. The extended version.]

Let C be a CCC. Let (×) be a product bifunctor in C. Cat is CCC, so we can curry (×):

curry (×) : C→(C⇒C)
curry (×) A = λB. A×B

Functor category C⇒C has usual monoidal structure. A monoid in C⇒C is a monad in C. We consider finite products as monoidal structure on C.

curry (×) 1 ≅ id
∀ A B. curry (×) (A×B) ≅ (curry (×) A) ∘ (curry (×) B)

Therefore (curry (×)) preserves monoidal structure, so it transports a monoid to a monad and a comonoid to a comonad. This is a construction for Coreader and Writer. What about Reader and Cowriter? Intuitively, we should use adjunction in CCC, though I can not understand how it is explained formally.
monad comonad
monoid base.Control.Monad.Writer.Writer Cowriter
canonical comonoid in a category with products base.Control.Monad.Reader.Reader Hackage.category-extras.Control.Comonad.Reader.Coreader
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