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An invitation to Secure Scuttlebutt (SSB)

I invite you to Secure Scuttlebutt (SSB), a serverless social network, where nobody can deprive you of the access to the network or delete your information and only you decide who to read and what to retransmit.

Unfortunately, the part “only you decide who to read” works the opposite way: people will not read you until they know about you. This is the reason few people read novices in the network. I can help you: I will read you and retransmit your information. If you are interested, follow the guide below.

Install a SSB program from the list on the Applications page. I use Patchbay. Many use Patchwork. Before using the program, I recommend to tune it as I describe below, though it is not required.
  • Decrease the option “friends.hops” in your configuration file “~/.ssb/config” to 2. (You can change the configuration file in Patchbay right after starting it by clicking “Edit config”. If the configuration file is absent or consist only of curly brackets, set its contents to “{"friends": {"hops": 2}}” without curved quotation marks.) If this number is greater than 2, you will download humongous amount of information right after following the first person and regularly thereafter. Such downloads can even make your SSB program unresponsive for minutes, not mentioning that nobody is able to read all that information.
  • Enable the option “Show my posts on public viewers” in your profile. An example of a public viewer is which shows information from SSB on the web. This way you will promote your SSB identity and SSB as a whole.

Ask me via any private channel for an invite. You can ask via any of my accounts. An invite is a special text. Enter the invite into your SSB program. In Patchbay, the field for invite is on the page “/network”. Or see how to enter an invite on the Getting Started page. After entering my invite, we will follow each other, you will receive posts from people followed by me, and I will receive your posts. Of course, you can also enter other people’s invites and more than one invite.

Fill out your personal profile. In Patchbay, your profile is on the page “/profile”. Read more about SSB on their website or ask me or on SSB.
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